Printing on Medical Supplies

Batch numbering and expiration date coding is critical for manufacture of medical supplies and also to enable product traceability. Coding of the specific production batch is essential for all relevant issues of control, but often manufacturing particulars can also be identified from the batch number. Date coding can also enable the end user to validate that a product is still within its usable life and has not passed its expiration date.

Our coders can mark on a wide range of materials from plastics, such as PET and films, to aluminum, cardboard containers and paper labels to enable you to meet regulatory requirements and for controlled product traceability such as pharmaceutical blister packs.

Designed to work in hazardous and controlled production environments, ingress protection ensures that our coders can be washed down or sterlilized without affecting their operation.

Medical & Protective Equipment

Coding on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Linx printers are ideal for marking and coding masks, respirators, gloves, bottles for fluids e.g. hand sanitizer and a range of other industrial or personal protective equipment (PPE).

Accurate and consistent marking of products, especially in high speed production environments, also enables compliance with industry regulations and reinforces consumer confidence in your medical supplies or PPE products.

We can support both dynamic, non-contact coding as products move along production lines and also static marking for products placed into a cradle or holder to ensure that the marking location is precise.

We also offer a range of coding methods with ink based coding (using black or white inks), thermal transfer using ribbons and permanent laser marking.