Contract Packaging

Linx coders are used across the world by contract packers who benefit from top level printer reliability, ease of use and flexibility. From handling a range of products and packs to operating to tight timescales and in dusty environments – we have helped contract packers to address their coding and marking challenges with Linx products.

Linx coders are renowned globally for their reliability and ease of use. With IP ratings up to IP65 for dusty environments, and built-in cleaning routines for first time startups, even after extended shutdown, Linx coders offer consistent, reliable operation.

Effective coding solutions will help you maximise the speed and efficiency of your contract packing operation, ensuring you remain competitive in a challenging industry.

Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) – non-contact, flexible coding solution with portable printers. Code in any orientation and swiftly change between product lines
Laser Coders – offer your customers the permanent, high quality code they demand