Batch Coding

Batch coding (also known as lot coding) is a critical part of traceability. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) defines the code as “a specific identified portion of a batch, that is uniform and that is intended to meet specifications for identity, purity, and composition”. With regulations continuously strengthening to protect consumers, producers across many industries must take care to ensure that their batch numbers or lot codes are legible and consistent.

Lot Coders & Batch Number Printers

Our batch coding machines are all designed to print clear and durable batch numbers either directly onto manufactured goods or packaging. Whether you are tracking a part between production sites, need to ensure batch traceability or safeguard against product recalls, you can expect reliable product identification every time with Linx batch coding machines.

Every Linx batch code printer is designed with you in mind. Enabling you to consistently print batch numbers using predefined templates and set up with ease via our user-friendly interface, with most models offering smartphone-style touchscreen operation.

Options are available for any production environment like our popular continuous inkjet printer, the Linx 8900, with ingress protection (IP) rating suitable for dusty or wet conditions and permanent marking with Linx laser batch coders.

With Linx, batch number printing becomes an integrated and reliable part of any manufacturing process. Contact Linx today to discuss your coding requirements and find the best batch coder for your needs!